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Shockfossils: Making artwork with a 5 million volt electron accelerator

Originally posted on e MORFES:
Physicist and artist Todd Johnson makes shockfossils, lightning-style sculptures, created with a 5 million volt particle accelerator. Here is a video showing the process. Related articles Alexis Arnold’s Crystallized Books The Unusual Ceramics of Johnson Tsang Lernstift – The pen that vibrates when you make a mistake Revolution Water Wine Glass Pooleaf…

Games for education

Video Games Are the Perfect Way To Teach Math Really good article about using games to learn math. I’m a firm believer that games should be integrated into education to create a more engaging environment. I grew up playing educational games and loved them.

Final Thoughts for Computers in Architecture Class

Overall, I enjoyed the class. I learned a lot of new programs, some of which I feel will be useful in the future. I will probably keep using SketchUP for some of my projects. I didn’t get any direct experience with AutoCAD or Revit, but I did watch enough in tutorials to know that they […]

Grasshopper Plug-In for Visually Scripting in Rhino (initial experience)

First off, I have never used a visual scripting program before. Most of the scripting I have done has been directly writing out the code. I have to say, I really like the idea of visual scripting. I have seen it used before in other programs that I use, but have never gotten around to […]

Rhino Experience

First off, I really like the idea of Rhino for product design, that being said, I don’t like working with NURBS. From the very first time I was introduced to them (about 3 years ago), I just have not fully gotten the hang of them. While trying to complete workshop 3 for class, I really […]

Programming reference Definitely going to look into this. I’ve been looking into learning some new languages lately and this couldn’t have appeared at a better time. It is true that once you understand one language, learning another is a lot faster, which is why I didn’t want to watch all the basic tutorials that introduce the […]

3D printing technology This is a very interesting list for the current and future use of 3d printing.