Rhino Experience


First off, I really like the idea of Rhino for product design, that being said, I don’t like working with NURBS. From the very first time I was introduced to them (about 3 years ago), I just have not fully gotten the hang of them. While trying to complete workshop 3 for class, I really struggled with getting the tools to work properly. I understood the process in theory, but for whatever reason, when trying to carry out the steps, everything kept falling apart. Not really sure why either. I continually ran into problems with the curves not connecting to each other properly so I wasn’t able to extrude any edges in a reasonable way. Outside of that, which I’m sure with more time I’ll figure out what went wrong, everything else went reasonably well. I really like the trim tool. Probably one of my favorite tools because it is so quick and easy to use. Plus you get perfect edges and clean cuts. No more messy and intersecting meshes! Rhino’s interface is very easy to understand, and using the command line to pull up tools is very helpful. I like that they added in exactly what the tool is looking for. The constant feedback is great, especially for people who have never used the program before and are just learning the tools. It took me a little while to adjust to the navigation within Rhino. I have Maya controls so drilled into my head now that changing the pan, zoom, and rotate buttons always throws me off for a bit. It took about an hour for me to adjust, which wasn’t too bad. Overall, I don’t mind working in Rhino, and it definitely has a lot of good tools for quick product design, but I’m still not sure how often I would actually use it myself.


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