Grasshopper Plug-In for Visually Scripting in Rhino (initial experience)


First off, I have never used a visual scripting program before. Most of the scripting I have done has been directly writing out the code. I have to say, I really like the idea of visual scripting. I have seen it used before in other programs that I use, but have never gotten around to actually trying it out before. The interface is very intuitive. All of the pieces are very well organized within the different tabs, making everything fairly easy to find. For the most part, I haven’t had any big problems with it so far.


While following along on a tutorial to make a parametric truss, I did come across an issue with some of the pieces not wanting to communicate with each other. I ran out of time this week to figure out how to fix it, but I do know the general idea of what went wrong. I look forward to finishing off the project and would like to explore visual scripting more. Maybe not so much within Grasshopper and Rhino, but in some of the other programs that have a similar plug-in that I have been putting off.



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