Final Thoughts for Computers in Architecture Class

Overall, I enjoyed the class. I learned a lot of new programs, some of which I feel will be useful in the future. I will probably keep using SketchUP for some of my projects. I didn’t get any direct experience with AutoCAD or Revit, but I did watch enough in tutorials to know that they would be useful programs for architectural design, especially with large teams working on the same project. Rhino is a great program for product design, but because it works with NURBS, I didn’t really enjoy it as much. I have a bit of a bias against NURBS. Outside of that, I really liked the way that Rhino is set up. The command line is easy to use and makes the tools easy to understand by giving you a description of what they do and what they are looking for. I haven’t quite seen that function in other programs, or if I did, I haven’t noticed it as much. Grasshopper has definitely inspired me to look into the other visual scripting tools available in some of the game engines I use. I’m glad I had the opportunity to take this class. I am very surprised by how much I have learned, especially considering it was just a random class to fulfill some final credits.



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