PAX Prime 2013 Review

I’m sharing this from my other blog (the one on my website) because it is relevant to both.

EclectiK Originz

First off, I have to say I had an amazing time at PAX this year. Four full days is a long time – incredibly exhausting, but it was worth every minute.

Most of my time was spent sitting in various panels, but I did manage to make several rounds in the Expo Hall. Once I found the Bioware theater, I spent an embarrassing amount of time in there (basically every break between the other panels I wanted to see).

Now to sort through all my notes to create some kind of review that other people can understand.

I don’t dare let someone else try to read my handwriting or random thoughts thrown all over the place in my notebook. 

Here we go, I’ll try to keep this as condensed as possible:


I attended two panels on Game Developement: The Evolution of a game Developer, and From Obsession to…

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