Video Games Are the Perfect Way To Teach Math Really good article about using games to learn math. I’m a firm believer that games should be integrated into education to create a more engaging environment. I grew up playing educational games and loved them. Advertisements

Overall, I enjoyed the class. I learned a lot of new programs, some of which I feel will be useful in the future. I will probably keep using SketchUP for some of my projects. I didn’t get any direct experience with AutoCAD or Revit, but I did watch enough in tutorials to know that they […]

First off, I have never used a visual scripting program before. Most of the scripting I have done has been directly writing out the code. I have to say, I really like the idea of visual scripting. I have seen it used before in other programs that I use, but have never gotten around to […]

First off, I really like the idea of Rhino for product design, that being said, I don’t like working with NURBS. From the very first time I was introduced to them (about 3 years ago), I just have not fully gotten the hang of them. While trying to complete workshop 3 for class, I really […] Definitely going to look into this. I’ve been looking into learning some new languages lately and this couldn’t have appeared at a better time. It is true that once you understand one language, learning another is a lot faster, which is why I didn’t want to watch all the basic tutorials that introduce the […] This is a very interesting list for the current and future use of 3d printing.

So far my experience using SketchUp has been very interesting. The controls and tools are fairly simple to remember, even though I still try using Autodesk Maya hotkeys instead. I really like how ┬ámuch freedom there is within the interface. The modeling tools are easy to use and relate to what I already know from […]

After watching some tutorials and being instructed to create this blog for Computers in Architecture, I’m really excited about what I will be learning in the next couple months. I love learning new technology and have some knowledge of architecture already from basically growing up on construction sites. My focus in this experience, however, is […]