Workshop 1 – SketchUp

Creating Dynamic Components in SketchUp has been an interesting learning experience. I really like being able to create objects that another person can use and interact with. The object scripting was easy to get the hang of, but it also required math skills that I hadn’t actually used in years. It was nice to know that I still remembered my geometry. I decided to make a dynamic staircase that had many options for customization. The rise, run, width, railing height, and railing visibility are all able to change with the list menus. I wanted to give a few other options, like a straight or spiral staircase, but I didn’t have the time to figure that one out. Eventually I would like to add that in, as well as being able to change the materials/textures of the stairs.

DynamicObjectsProcess1This was my first step in setting up the object. Just some basic shapes for the different pieces of the staircase. I also started adding a few of the options.

DynamicObjectsProcess2Next I added a few more items in to restrict the sizes of the pieces when the object is scaled. After the setup, I basically just kept adding ways to make sure the object kept its proper proportions once it started getting modified, either by scaling or by the options window. Below are a few of the  size/shape options available.


This is a final overview image of all the pieces together with a little bit of the editor window information.



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