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Simple Digital Sculpting Tool

If you’re looking into a simple tool to learn how to digital sculpt, I suggest using the web based app SculptFab  (link below). I’ve been using programs like Zbrush and Mudbox for a while, but for a lot of people, I know the interfaces can be a bit overwhelming. This simple app has all the […]

8 Reasons Valve’s Steam Machines Conquer the Living Room and 5 They Don’t

Originally posted on Tech:
If you’re eyeballing Valve’s SteamOS and Steam Machines announcements as some kind of weird, last ditch attempt to save PC gaming — a “can’t-beat-em-so-join-em” tactical capitulation to consoles — you need to think again, and more carefully. This isn’t Valve sort-of-kind-of picking PC gaming up off the desktop and walking it…

How Can You Be So Productive?

PAX Prime 2013 Review

Originally posted on EclectiK Originz:
First off, I have to say I had an amazing time at PAX this year. Four full days is a long time – incredibly exhausting, but it was worth every minute. Most of my time was spent sitting in various panels, but I did manage to make several rounds in…